Friday, January 29, 2010

how to use manual proxies

The next cheat I am going to give u need to have a manual proxy so this is how

When you have to set a manual proxy, follow these simple steps!

STEP 1: Log into of Stardoll (unless told otherwise)

STEP 2: Change your proxy according to the Internet browser you are using:

For Internet Explorer:
Tools—> Internet Options—> Connections—> LAN Settings
Check the use proxy box—> Click OK

For Firefox:
Extra—> Options—> Advanced—> Network—> Settings—>
Check the Manual box—> insert the proxy and port—> Click save

For Safari:

Click ‘Safari’ on the top—> Preferences—> Advanced—> Change Settings—>
Check Web Proxy (HTTP)—> Enter proxy and port—> Apply Now

STEP 3: Enter the link of the desired Stardoll location in the address bar. Eg. Competition link

STEP 4: When you are finished, go back to your Internet settings and click on "No Proxy"

And there you go!